Fire On A Cannabis Farm

Don’t panic don’t panic don’t panic, thought Jonas, as he tried to see through the flames of the greenhouse.

He adjusted his breathing apparatus. The room spun around him. DON’T panic, they need you.

“HEL-kof kof kof kofgasssssp-HELP!” shouted a horrified woman’s voice behind the door.

Jonas heard the voices of two coughing toddlers as well.

The flames raged on the plants around him, but there was still a semi-open path leading to the door of a barn attached to the greenhouse.

Jonas used a flaming two-by-four to move some debris that fell and blocked the door. He tried to turn the knob, but it wouldn’t budge.

Locked. He tried again, and felt the burn through his glove.

The metal of the doorknob was scalding hot.

Jonas tried to catch his balance, as the smoking room spun like a carnival ride around him.

Jonas broke out his axe.

“STAND BACK!” shouted Jonas, with a slurred voice. He felt whoozy.

He hacked at the door. He hacked, and hacked, and made a jagged hole. He saw a flaming room with a young woman huddled beside her children inside.

A flaming shelf had fallen over, blocking their side of the door.

The woman tried to scream, but could only cough and cry.

Jonas hacked at the door again, then heard some ceiling crash behind him. It made Jonas really paranoid, he jumped.

Shit shit shit, thought Jonas, still hacking away. He took a deep breath to calm himself.

He could still smell the cannabis. The breathing apparatus worked, but not perfectly.

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He could more than feel the THC.

Just stay calm man, it always worked before just keep cool.

Think about the free meal at the end of this.

Jonas opened the hole enough to stick his arm in. He judged the flames, then stuck his hand in to unlock the door. There was so much smoke he couldn’t see them anymore.

Jonas never cried, but he cried then.

He couldn’t see the way back out, and he couldn’t see anything inside.

He tried to shove the debris in front of him away, but he couldn’t get to it.

Where the hell is everybody else, thought Jonas. He wanted to throw up. Nobody else can handle the high.

Dammit, Jonas got really scared and paranoid. I hope everybody’s all right.

Jonas found another two-by-four, and put his whole body and legs into it. He got the shelf out of the way before the two-by-four burned up to his hands. He followed the coughing until he found the woman there, with her unconscious children.

She looked up at him with horrified, bloodshot eyes.

“I got you,” said Jonas.

He carried one of the kids, and helped her along as she carried the other. She walked a bit, and got into the greenroom.

She started running in zig zags, and tripped over near a fire. Jonas dragged her away, and took off his apparatus.

He gave her some air. She nodded her head and ran along.

Jonas took a few smoky breaths, and wondered how the girl wasn’t already unconscious.

You’ve done this before, thought Jonas, as he got them out. Jonas ran the wrong way for a few seconds, then jerked the girl and her kid back in the opposite direction.

You’ve been worse than this, you had plenty of practice, all those Friday nights at Jahlil’s fraternity, all those months of mind numbingly good tree, you’ve DONE this before.

Jonas re-discovered the entrance, and ran out into the semi-open air. It was a maze of burning plants.

Jonas ran a bit, then knelt to the ground gagging.

He thought he could do it. He thought he could make it out.

I have to save them, thought Jonas. Jonas threw up all over himself, and fell to the ground.

The world spun around him.

toddler was unconscious on his chest.

I thought I could save them.

The woman dragged Jonas up.

“I know the way,” she said, with a slurred voice.

Jonas let her guide him along, and he held onto the kid for dear life. The smoke rose high as skyscrapers into the sky.

Jonas started laughing.

I feel like I’m dying, he thought.

“MARGAERY!” shouted a man with a breathing apparatus. He sprinted towards them, and picked up his wife.

Jonas collapsed, and heard the spraying of water hoses all around him. A flurry of people rushed around them.

He saw out of the corner of his eyes them doing chest compressions on the kids.

The kids coughed, and breathed.

All that pineapple bonanza I used to smoke, thought Jonas, as he laughed on the ground.

One of his buddies came by, and handed him a bottle of water.

He smiled. I couldn’t have saved their lives without the practice.