Global Companies Leading in Legal Cannabis

Perth, Western Australia, Australia Little Green Pharma, a private company based in Western Australia, is one of three companies in the country that possesses a license to cultivate and produce Medical Cannabis within Australia.

The majority of public cannabis companies have only an R&D license.

Little Green Pharma owns a Unique manufacturing technology that aims for high bio-availability of active cannabinoids thereby resulting in therapeutic effect which can be (subject to certain conditions) achieved with very low dosage rates combined with precise dosage control.

The net effect is an S4 Class Drug that can be administered by Medical Practioners.

Companies like these and many others also are thinking of tapping into the growing CBD oil market. Specifically, a growing number of cannabis consumers use CBD vape pen to consume their CBD. More information can be found on

On December 14, 2017, Little Green Pharma announced that its first crop of medicinal cannabis was being cultivated in Western Australia at its secure growing facility south of Perth.

This event marks the first time medicinal cannabis has been cultivated locally in Western Australia. Little Green Pharma announced on April 27, 2018 that it completed the company’s first cannabis harvest.

In January 2016, Australia passed federal legislation aimed at permitting the use of Medicinal Cannabis via a tightly-controlled licensed medical prescription system.

Medical Cannabis must be prescribed by an authorized medical practitioner.

LGC invested into Little Green Pharma at a significantly better value compared to peers on the ASX Exchange

Little Green Pharma has recently harvested its first crop.

Mandatory testing is currently under way as per TGO #93 testing specifications on the resin.

Once approved, the company is weeks away from providing Australia’s first locally grown product for commercial use.

This product will be similar to a typical oil/resin product imported by overseas companies.

In the months to come, the company will release the novel nano-particle liposome emulsion after it has undergone stability tests for patient safety.

In 2018, there have been three significant announcements made by the government:1. The opening of the export market – The Australian Federal Health Minister announced the governments vision for Australia to be the leading country exporting premium grade medicinal cannabis;2.

The Greens recently put the debate on the table regarding legalising recreational cannabis in Australia; and3.

The government recently abolished the dual access process making it easier for patients to access medicinal cannabis.

In light of these three important announcements, combined with our leading position in the market, the company is looking to explore partnerships and investment opportunities to expand their existing operations to 1700m2 and a longer term new purpose-built facility in excess of 5000m2 to cater to the local and international markets, as well as participate in a number of clinical studies with the likes of Harvard University.

On a recent fact-finding mission to Israel, Canada and the USA, the directors met with advanced medicinal cannabis companies for the purpose of finding smart money.

In addition, we have met with investment groups, PE funds as well as brokers exploring a number of funding initiatives including the possibility of an IPO.

A Jamaican private company with its head office located in Kingston, Jamaica, and its operations based in Montego Bay.

The company is planning to become one of the leading cultivators and processors in Jamaica of cannabis for medical purposes.

Target production is expected to exceed 15,000 kg in 2019, 40,000 Kg by 2020 and rising quickly to over 60,000kg annually by 2021.

These production targets can be rapidly expanded from current targets, should demand exceed supply.

The format of growing will be organic. Dispensary sites have been located and confirmed for Montego Bay and Negril.

The company has also applied for a Herb house License which is similar to Coffee House operations in Amsterdam.

This will enable an on-site store and dispensary in Montego Bay by the end of 2018.

The Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority granted Global Canna Labs conditional approval for a Cultivator’s Licence (Tier3) on over 6 acres on December 20, 2017.

The site has 27,000 square feet of growing space (pictured below).

Expansion at site will be increased to 58,000 square feet.

In addition to Montego Bay, Global Canna Labs has a second growing and product development site for 7 acres in Kingston.

Power for electricals and security are solar powered. Water is rain water collected and a fresh water stream flows through the property.

Security at site will be handled by the Security Company ran by an advisor and shareholder to the company who was the former Commissioner of Police for the Island.

Jamaican Health Authority allows branding and Global Canna Labs is investigating the marriage of Medical Cannabis with deep rooted culture of Jamaica.

Global Canna Labs is also working with one of the largest retail food and pharmaceutical companies to distribute their medicinal products for the domestic market.