Cannabis Farm Fire Safety (Part 3)

The world was starting to spin… And firefighter David was starting to feel tired.

He vaguely remembered that there was a cannabis farm nearby, which was the spotlight of multiple drug busts. It wasn’t in the immediate range of the fire, but it was in the danger zone. And now being out in the field, David realized that the farm, or what was left of it, was a blazing inferno. The house had flames billowing out of the windows. The sky was black with smoke.

David slowly ran through the fields, spraying the fire with the hose. He was dripping over the smallest grasses and bushes.

David stumbled upon a clearing where he thought the fire was worst and went to town. But when he turned around he saw next he would never forget in his years as a firefighter.

There was a group of people, five or six maybe, dancing in the clearing. It was a spinning, twisting sort of dance, and it seemed like the people were having a good time. In the smoke and fire. David wondered if the people were escapees of an insane asylum.

And they started approaching him, still spinning. He faltered, maybe they wanted help. But when he realized it, they came up to him and knocked him out with a blunt object. The last thing he remebered when he passed out was feeling very sleepy.

He woke up in the hospital, and he noticed a splitting headache. When he blindly sat up, the first thing he saw was that there was a nurse talking with some official-looking people. One of the men in suits saw him awake, and approached David. He had a stern look face.

“We found you high on the job when qe found you, and that is why we decided to fire you.”

David stammered to protest, for this was his only job, but he failed to come up with a defense. He didn’t remember taking drugs or smoking weed before he went to work.

“That’s what I thought. Once you’re healed, you can consider yourself fired.”

It was all a rush. It was too much. The world is cruel sometimes.

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